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  • “5 essential pillars to maximize fertility (and have fun doing it!) (page 2)
  • How to use the ancient art of Eastern medicine to improve your chances of conceiving (even if nothing else has worked) (page 2)
  • ​Worried about your hormone levels? They may not be as relevant as you think (page 4)
  • Why a single “perfect fertility diet” doesn’t exist (and how to find a diet that works for you) (page 5)
  • How gut health heals from the inside out (and brings excitement back into baby-making) (page 5)
  • ​The steps of medical evaluation you may be missing (hint: if you’ve primarily relied on Western medicinal practices, this could change everything!) (page 8)
  • ​​New natural ways to treat PCOS, endometriosis, and amenorrhea (that have proved successful for many women) (page 9)
  • ​40% of the time, it’s not the woman’s fault a couple can’t conceive… it’s this (page 11)
  • ​How Chinese medicine treats unexplained infertility problems (even when all the Western tests come out normal) (page 12)
  • How to use vital energy (chi) to pinpoint areas of imbalance that are inhibiting conception (page 14)
  • ...​and so much more.
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